Disposable Pleated
Earloop Face Masks

Flared soft edges
3-Ply For Extra Protection.
Easy to breathe through.

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disposable earloop face mask

Mask Features

Easy to breathe through

 Earloop Type

3-Ply For Extra Protection

Disposable Pleated Earloop Face Masks 50 pcs/box


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  • 3-Layer Filtration
  • Skin Friendly Comfort
  • Light and breathable
  • Fluid-Resistant, Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) is Greater than 95%
  • Flared soft edges to fit all facial contours
  • Helps filter out dust, pollen, bacteria, smoke
  • Soft, odorless, non-irritating, Non-Woven Material
  • Latex free, fiberglass free, Easy to breathe through
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Face masks (or surgical masks) are worn by health professionals during surgeries and other health procedures. They make sure that the wearer doesn’t spread or become infected by bacteria, virus particles, or other airborne contaminants. Wearing a face-fit mask effectively reduces infection for patients and for medical professionals. We designed these face masks to provide the ultimate protection. They have built-in earloops to make sure they stay on your face and are comfortable. While we create products specifically for dental offices, these face masks can be worn by EMTs, medics, vets, dentists, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers.

To use a surgical mask, wash your hands before touching the mask to avoid spreading contaminants. Dry your hands and then check the medical mask for any defects that resulted from manufacturing or from taking it out of the box. Orient the top of the mask properly so the bendable and moldable edge is at the top. Ensure that the inside of the mask is facing you. Place the mask around your mouth and loop the ear loops around your ears. Adjust the nosepiece to mold around the bridge of the nose to form a good seal. Not applying a mask properly can result in ineffective protection. Our boxes of medial masks contain 50 masks each, and each case comes with 40 boxes.

That means you get a total of 2000 masks to supply your office. These masks are blue, although medical masks can come in all sorts of colors and designs. Just throw them away when you are done. Disposable masks can be thrown out with regular office waste (unless prohibited by local laws).

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